No more hammering, chiseling, swearing, heating, prying or praying to get an 911 engine case apart.  STOMSKI RACING'S SR124 ELEGANTLY and GENTLY separates the engine case 1/2s and not only shortens the process of engine tear-down, but it also protects what doubtlessly is an expensive asset- the engine case itself.  The rare #s matching early 911S sand-cast aluminum case, or the impossible to find 911 GT3 RSR case, or the early magnesium case that seems so fragile, all can NOW be protected from the threat of the block of wood and lead hammer, or the torch, or the pry-bar and chisel.  SR124 includes a CNC precision machined aluminum platform that you bolt to four head studs (ideally over #2 or #5) using the included thumbscrews.  An over-sized drive-screw (stainless steel) is then threaded through the platform to mate with a high-load bearing in our specially designed rod cap that presses against the wrist pin of #2 or #5 connecting rod that is at bottom-dead-center.  As you slowly use a wrench or ratchet to tighten the drive-screw, the torque of the SR124 splitter is evenly distributed through the entire crankshaft, pressing against ALL 8 main bearings.  Once the slack is taken up, only GENTLE effort on the drive screw is required to split even the most belligerent of cases.  The SR124 platform is designed to work on all Mezger 911s (2.0 through 997) and includes Delrin inserts/sleeves that protect the head studs from scratches or dings.

Video Instructions (SR124)

$ 329.00

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