STOMSKI RACING's version of the factory P9582 tool combines the basics of the factory tool and improves on it by adding an integral 19mm bushed socket that prevents slippage and rounding off of the cam bolt on the end of the 993 cam shafts.  The cam bolt on the 993s requires a torque of 88 foot pounds.  Tightening the bolt to this spec, or loosening it using a breaker bar and the factory long-armed cam tool requires dexterity, leverage, and serious luck that the deep socket does not slip off the head of the bolt, rounding it over, or busting knuckles in the process.  STOMSKI RACING’s SR9582 securely holds an impact-quality socket in the center of a precision machined hardened steel socket, ensuring ease and accuracy in loosening the bolt, or setting the required torque.  The bushing prevents the socket from being leveraged off the bolt head, keeping it squarely in place for the most accurate torque and security during installation and removal.  

$ 173.00

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