1971 911SR GT5

Based on a 1971 911 T, STOMSKI RACING's 911SR has made the transition from a dependable, clean, rust-free driver, to a dedicated, competitive, full-blown track car. All removable body panels have been replaced with Lexan or Plexiglas. A full suspension mounted cage with side impact protection, five point harness, carbon fiber race bucket, fire system, and fuel cell integrate for a comprehensive safety system. Race-ready for the 911SR weighs in at a slim 1915 pounds. PCA Club Racing and historic race series are the intended venues for the 911SR. Recent upgrades for the 911SR's 2.2 liter power plant include twin plug flowed heads, Link Engine Management System, and Custom designed fuel injection.



935 3.8 RSR

  • Chassis - 1989 C2
  • Factory Mater Roll Cage
  • Factory 3.8 RSR engine (400hp)
  • Stack Dash
  • Enduro Fuel Cell
  • Complete 935dp body work
  • 10.5x18 Front BBS Wheels
  • 13.4x18 Rear BBS Wheels
  • Carbon Brakes
  • Air Jacks
  • Fire System
  • 1080 Kilos
  • Center Lock Wheels
  • GT2 Evo Front Suspension
  • G50 Race Prepared Gear Box with LSD