Rigid engine and transmission mounts provide for better handling, better acceleration, and better performance in general.  Mounts that are too rigid, however, will transmit vibration and harshness into the driver's cabin.  Until now. 

By using computer engineering and digital design STOMSKI RACING has developed the FIRST truly symmetrical Semi-Solid(SS) Engine Mount, thus allowing you to run stiffer mounts without sacrificing comfort or ride quality.  Our symmetrical design allows you to custom tune your ride- determining feel, function, and fun.  We provide 3 different durometers of inserts that allow you to custom tune your ride, now, and later if your application might change.  Moreover, because SR135 is symmetrical, it FULLY supports and FULLY absorbs in BOTH positions/directions. 

Our proprietary technology urethane inserts provide longer lasting mounts, more resiliency, and better ride quality.  Our aircraft quality aluminum housing provides awesome looks, weight savings, and sustained durability.   Completing the entire package, stainless steel components add the ultimate upgrade.  You can buy separate mounts and separate inserts, or regularly replace factory parts, or suffer a harsh ride, or simply buy right- buy STOMSKI RACING.  

Road tested and track proven, STOMSKI RACING's SR135 provides better shifting, better weight transfer, better handling, crisper throttle response, better acceleration, and of course GREAT looks, without any loss of comfort.  Each mount comes complete with one aluminum housing, stainless steel sleeve and disks/spacers(2), an M12 Schnorr washer, an M12 hex bolt, a centering sleeve or disk, a factory lock nut, and for a limited time only, 2 each of our S, RS, and RSR urethane inserts. 

Our highest quality urethane inserts may be combined, mixed, or matched as needed, and come with these fitment suggestions:

S- Yellow- Street Performance/Club Sport- Dramatically stiffer than stock (or sport) factory rubber mounts, our S urethane inserts provide a substantial improvement in performance, with no noticeable or measurable increase in cabin noise or vibration.

RS- Red- Full Performance/RennSport- An upper-level durometer urethane, our RS urethane inserts are a no-compromise solution for the dedicated performance minded 911 owner, with only barely perceptible increase in occasional noise or vibration at the most extreme of performance situations.

RSR- Black- Ultimate Performance/Full Race/Track- Utilizing our highest level durometer urethane, our RSR urethane inserts are the closest you can get to solid engine mounts with only minor or occasional vibration or cabin noise at certain higher RPMs or when driven very hard with open exhaust, solid suspension, and no creature comforts.

Available with the aluminum housing in either SR Blue or Black.

Includes all THREE sets of EACH durometer inserts to allow you the full versatility of an adjustable, tunable ride.

SR135– TWO required per car.

PDF Tech Sheet- SS Engine Mounts - 964 (SR135-964)

PDF Tech Sheet- SS Engine Mounts - 993 (SR135-993)

PDF Tech Sheet- SS Engine Mounts - 996/997 (SR135-996)

PDF Tech Sheet- SS Engine Mounts - GT3/GT2/TT (SR135-GT3)

$ 198.00

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