Not all suspension upgrades will require an adjustable thrust arm bushing (such as STOMSKI RACING's SR087), thus STOMSKI RACING's Fixed Thrust Arm Bushings provide the perfect solution for your application whether it is a for a complete suspension upgrade, or just to eliminate the overly-compliant rubber thrust arm bushings that lead to unpredictable camber changes.  Installing these high quality 6061 aluminum anodized bushings will provide better feedback and handling without leading to unwanted road noise on either your dedicated track car or daily driver.  By upgrading to STOMSKI RACING's Fixed Thrust Arm Bushings for all four control arms on your car, unwanted suspension changes caused by the stock flexible bushings will be a thing of the past, and thus your lap times will decrease as your handling increases.  Available for the 996/997, Boxster, and Cayman.  Sold as ONE set of TWO halves.  FOUR sets needed per car.

$ 107.00

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