CIRCLIP INJECTOR™ (SR072/73/74/75/76/77)


The cumbersome, awkward task of installing the wrist pin circlips into pistons has just gone from chore to joy. No more flying circlips, gouged fingers, scratched pistons, contortions, or swearing. Simply slip the circlip into the Circlip Injector Sleeve, insert the Circlip Injector Plunger, and "inject" the circlip into its wrist pin groove. Quick. Painless. Simple. Precisely machined from stainless steel. Available in six stock sizes (18-24mm and .927") and other sizes by special order (tool sizing corresponds to wrist pin diameter).  US Patent 8,302,304.

  • 18mm - SR709 
  • 19mm - SR077
  • 20mm - SR076
  • 21mm - SR075
  • 22mm - SR072
  • 23mm - SR073
  • 24mm - SR074
  • .927" -   SR927 
  • .990" -   SR990

Video Instructions (SR072)

PDF Instructions (SR072)

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$ 99.00

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