996/997/986/987 Front Camber Plates (SR121)


Stock rubber front camber plates deflect under load and distort suspension settings, leading to poor tire wear, poor grip, poor handling, and slower laps times. STOMSKI RACING's 996/997 Front Camber Plates ensure that your tire investment is optimized, providing for the best grip, the best handling, and the fastest lap times.  CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminum and anodized for great looks and protection, STOMSKI RACING's Front Camber Plates deliver maximum range, the most precise tuning, the smoothest suspension travel, the easiest and the most accurate adjustment for your car.  Include the finest quality aerospace monoballs available, as well as stainless steel hardware.  Available with 12mm or 14mm stainless steel bushings.  Two complete plates included per set.

$ 450.00

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