The established method of setting valve lash with a feeler gauge often provides for a "close enough" result and rarely provides for accurate, consistent, and easy to obtain precision. STOMSKI RACING's new version of an old-standby takes the "feel" out of setting valves and provides absolute precision, speed, ease of use, and consistency. By conveniently mounting a travel indicator over the adjuster of the rocker arm, STOMSKI RACING's 911 Valve Lash Adjuster allows you to quickly and accurately set and confirm the actual valve lash without settling for "close enough" or wondering whether your feel is consistent while trying to contort a feeler gauge into the far reaches of the 911 engine. The SR097 is precision machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized for years of service on all 911 engines including 964s and 993s. Also available are a range of dial indicators including metric, digital, and compact travel indicators for use in restricted areas (pictured).

 Video Instructions (SR097)

$ 146.00

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