STOMSKI RACING’S long-awaited PARADIGM SHIFTER is a comprehensive new design, look, and function for the Porsche driver desiring a more precise shifting experience.  With comprehensive features such as variable throw (20 or 30% reduction), reverse lock-out, fully neutral-sprung gates, and CNC machined components, 911 drivers can now predictably and confidently shift their Porsches. The PARADIGM SHIFTER combines the highest quality components including, Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and Alcantara for extreme durability, classic looks, supreme ergonomics, and the ultimate precision shifting. The PARADIGM SHIFTER is not just a kit to rebuild your factory shifter, or a bolt-on/add-on, it is a complete unit, engineered and manufactured for both the street and race environment.  The PARADIGM SHIFTER comes complete with base, housing and internal components, shift rod, shift knob, Alcantara boot, our SR010 Precision Shift Coupler, our Coupler Clamp, and new bushings, all in a hardened shipping case.  For all 911s up to 1986 as well as 914s (1970-72) with tail-shift transmissions.

$ 1,425.00

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