Whether because of surfaced case halves, shimmed cylinders, machined heads, or non-stock cylinders, the opportunity for “stacked” error creates an opportunity for oil leeks and misaligned chain boxes where the chain box mates/seals at the cam tower.  With STOMSKI RACING’s 911 Chain Box Offset Gauge you can measure exactly what the chain box offset is and determine exactly the proper gasket(s) to use to seal the box to the case AND thus ensure that the cam/cam tower, are perfectly centered in the chain box opening for a perfect seal.  The self-aligning SR020 fits precisely in the cam tower and with the chain box mounted, the gauge pin of the SR020 pointed approximately directly opposite the crank shaft, you can determine if you need stock shims, extra shims or some alternative.  Reference to picture “A” shows the SR020 in use with a perfectly aligned chain box and with the gauge pin pointed end touching the chain box and the blunt end flush with the reference slot.  If the blunt end of the gauge pin is not flush with the reference slot, you would measure the offset with vernier calipers to determine if you need to add or subtract gaskets.

$ 118.00

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