Our high quality, precisely engineered coupler ends sloppy shifting caused by worn (and even new!) factory couplers. Fabricated to exacting tolerances, the SR010-356 provides a precision feel and allows for accurate shifting. No more missed shifts during the heat of battle because of a sloppy factory coupler. The SR010-356 provides the precision and accuracy you demand when down shifting into that high-speed turn. No need to worry whether you are going to hit the wrong gear and over rev your engine. A quick bolt on replacement for the factory part.  Rare OEM 356 set screw included that allows you to securely safety wire the screw in place.  With a maintenance-free, permanently lubricated joint, a boot that will not slip off, and a properly splined end that ensures accurate synchronization, STOMSKI RACING's 356 Precision Shift Coupler is your best choice.  Fits 356 Bs and Cs.  Shift with confidence, shift with precision.

$ 272.00

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