As with all engine seals, the #8 bearing crankshaft seal is a critical component in the battle against leaky engines.  Installed improperly on a new rebuild, or mangled when going through trying to re-seal an engine, the #8 crankshaft seal is repeatedly the source of oil leaks.  The #8 seal is an intricate device with multiple sealing surfaces and components- and an especially delicate internal compression spring.  If the ID of the seal or the spring are compromised at all when installed over the crankshaft snout, you are asking for a leak (and potentially scaring of the crank snout itself when the spring is displaced).  STOMSKI RACING’s SR054 provides a smooth, seamless transition for the #8 seal to pass over the end of the crank, thus putting the odds in your favor that the seal will accomplish its task.  Please note that SR054 (12mm) can also be used for the cam/power steering seal!

$ 55.00

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