Tasks ranging from a simple exhaust system update through an engine removal, are consistently plagued by snapped, rusted, and broken exhaust manifold studs. Rarely can an accurate removal of the broken stud be performed with the engine in the car, and even after removal, the task is time consuming and if not done carefully can lead to a damaged head or faulty repair. STOMSKI RACING's answer to these problems is the SR951, a kit that easily, accurately, and flexibly allows you to drill out the broken studs - with the engine still in the car- saving time and headaches. A CNC milled plate indexes precisely off the broken studs and/or stud holes. Using our uniquely designed Thumb Screws, the SR951 plate is locked in place (by threading a Thumb Screw over a broken stud or by using a supplied bolt threaded through the SR951 Thumb Screw). With the included pilot drills and drill guides, the faulty stud can be accurately drilled out, producing a perfectly perpendicular and centered hole that if necessary can be chased with an included M8x1.25 tap. Kit includes anodized aluminum fixture, drill bits, tap with extension, drill jigs/guides, Thumb Screws, and hardware in a sturdy storage case.  Also includes our SR065D drill guide. 

$ 322.00

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